Marjorie Power

Googling Dress Shoe Reviews

Just high enough to give you a lift all day.
A little tight in the toe box
but what do you expect?

I prefer not to show up
at a vacation destination
looking like I've come to cut the grass.

Second pair. Unfortunately
my puppy chewed up my first.

Crystal embellishment. Jeweled buckle.
Throw away your glass slippers!

No leather products used, no animals killed.
Add interest without dominating
your outfit.

Python. Leopard. Red kid.
Bought the turquoise patent.
Comfort? They're as comfortable
as a stiletto can be.

I called the 800 number to speak to a specialist.
I was the only one at the ball whose feet didn't hurt.

Gorgeous online.
At home they looked cheap.
I realize I am paying for the name.
Still, the quality is quite questionable.

Smokin' hot. Live out your dreams in these.
Yuppers, this is one sexy heel.
Dropped his jaw.

Cinderella slippers.
Would have re-ordered in a narrow.