(Please note, we are not running the contest in 2009. If we do run the contest again in the future, you will see the announcement on our home page and news page. Thank you.)

Minnetonka Review would like to thank all of the talented writers who have entered the 2008 Tonka Fiction Contest (RULES).
The Finalists and Contest Winners are:

Tonka Fiction Prize Plaque

$1,000 First Place - Susan Chiavelli for "Girl's Life: A How-to Manual"

$100 Second Place - Linda Barnhart "The Golden Goose"

$50 Third Place - Pierre Hauser "Your Story Here"


Matthew Boedy

Karla Greenleaf-MacEwan

Liam Hysjulien

Wayne Johnson

Jacqueline Kolosov

Sandra Maddux-Creech

Jim O'Loughlin

Daniel Pearlman

Ariel Schaub

Ali Sherwin