ISSUE SEVEN features 6 short stories, 3 works of nonfiction, 59 poems, a photo essay by Editor Troy Ehlers about Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany—the world's largest miniature museum (depicted on the cover). This issue also features the artwork of David Jablow, whose "do-it-yourself Doodle" series is quickly becoming a widespread sensation (see the sample below). Read the FULL BIOS of all the authors.

If you're curious, Miniatur Wunderland has an entertaining video at their website:


Issue 7 Minnetonka Review

David Jablow Artwork - The Writer

These are two of the works from David Jablow's "do-it-yourself" Doodler series that we are featuring in Issue 7. For more of his artwork, visit: or

David Jablow Artwork - Escapee

Issue 7 Back Cover


Mark Conkling
Bruce Henricksen
Brad Koski
Katherine Schaefer
Richard Schmitt
Mark Wisniewski


A. J. Naslund
Joelle Renstrom
J. E. Robinson


John Blair
How You Will Know Us
Gauguin's Still Life with 3 Puppies
Fundamental Limit of Resolution
Gladys Justin Carr
Larry Crist
Sara Dailey
James Doyle
Sharon Doyle
Jean Esteve
Carol Frith
Colleen S. Harris
Brandon Krieg
Jenna Le
The Pickled Womb
Stephen Massimilla
Robert Aquinas McNally
Nancy Carol Moody
Marsh Muirhead
Dustin Luke Nelson
Simon Perchik
Rhonda C. Poynter

A Train of Jackdaws
Blacks the Skies

Route 66 is Mine
Gregory W. Randall
Ciara Shuttleworth
Luke Shuttleworth
Red Shuttleworth
Ann Struthers
Mario Susko
Robert Collet Tricaro
Suellen Wedmore