ISSUE THREE features 9 short stories, 2 works of nonfiction, and 41 poems. Most of these works are available to read online by clicking the titles below. Poet Julie Porter and Fiction Writer Chip Cheek received the $150 Editor's Prizes for this issue. This is another well-rounded issue of Minnetonka Review, with writers ranging from newcomers to award-winning authors who've collectively published dozens of books. Read their FULL BIOS.


Issue 3 Minnetonka Review

Lake Minnetonka Clouds Clearing


Gary Amdahl
Chip Cheek
Keith Demanche
John Forssen
Joseph Gannon
Susan Lewis
Donna McClanahan
Letitia L. Moffitt
Model Homes
Christamar Varicella


Andrey Gritsman
René Georg Vasicek


Kris Bigalk
Carol Pearce Bjorlie
Wendy Brown-Baez
Rita Ciresi
Allan Douglass Coleman
Philip Dacey
Brent Fisk
Bart Galle
Bruce Henricksen
Arthur Winfield Knight
The Posse
The Outlaws
The Shootout
Dean Kostos
Mary Kovaleski Byrnes
Mark Maire
B. Z. Niditch
Hurricane Andrew
Along the Charles River
Gwynn O'Gara
Rob Plath
Julie Porter
Dennis Saleh
The Ten Commandments of Sleep
Red Shuttleworth
Ann Struthers
Christopher Thomas
Gayle Thorsen
Fredrick Zydek