ISSUE TWO features literary works by dozens of award-winning and Pushcart-nominated authors, as well as many newcomers. Including the $1,000 winner of the 2008 Tonka Fiction Contest and the two $150 Editor's prizes for fiction and poetry, this issue features: 40 poems, 7 short stories, 3 flash fiction pieces, and 5 works of creative nonfiction. Most of the works from this back issue can be read by clicking the links below. Or click here to read their FULL BIOS.

Online gallery of Keith Demanche's artwork.

Under the Waves

Issue Two



Susan Chiavelli
Scott Bloom
Dimitri Keriotis
Cyn Kitchen
Dave Kiyvyra
Bosso Zoku
Carole Waterhouse
Mika Shin
Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake


Stan Badgett
Rock Dust
Elizabeth Browne
Kelly Madigan Erlandson
Amy Kolen
J. E. Robinson


Troy Alvey
Verna Austen
Barry Ballard
Ann Bogle
Doug Bolling
Michael Carrino
Anne Champion
The Old Red Maple
Dallas Crow
Philip Dacey
Beyond the Pale
John Dutterer
Proustday Afternoon
Stacia M. Fleegal
Crystal S. Gibbins
Bruce Henricksen
Peter Huggins
Jennifer Jerome
By the Twenty-Second Day
George Kalamaras
Isolda Dosamantes
(tr. Toshiya Kamei)
Mood Swing
Mary O'Malley
Terry Savoie
Lisa Siedlarz
Dan Sklar
Matt Urmy
then i woke up
Mark Wagenaar
Cary Waterman
A. D. Winans
Anna Witiuk